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From my years of experience, I have acquired skills in a multitude of areas whether it be video production, animation, photo editing, digital design, or game development.



Digital 2D and Stop Motion 

I have worked on 2D animation projects using Krita and Adobe Premier Pro for compiling my frames. The majority of the work I have done has been rotoscoping but have dipped into more freeform flows of animation.

I can animate also using Adobe After Effects to create animated logo designs and other modern sleek aesthetic videos. 

I have also worked and produced short stop motion animations using a variety of cameras and a programme called Dragonframe.

Below you can find an animation piece I created in krita using 2d digital animation regarding the theme of loneliness.


visual Design

Digital and for Print
Click the images for details

Game design:

Music-focused Narrative Video Game

For my final year thesis I was the visual leads head for a narrative music game on the theme of isolation called "Petrichord". 

With a team I produced concept art, marketing material and worked on the final game producing all visual assets myself while working alongside a team of talented coders, musicians and project managers. 

From the project itself and the thesis we wrote we were able to get a 1.1 grade and achieve the highest grade in the history of DCU Multimedia during the restrictions of Covid-19. 

To learn more about the project click below:

To try and download the game click here on

2_ Walkthrough.gif
7_ Concepts.png


Video Production  

I have on multiple occasions been employed by VideosOnTheNet, an Irish media company on the production of documentaries, adverts, and live stream events.

From these employment opportunities, I've expanded my skillsets when producing cooperative large-scale projects, a particularly interesting set I worked on was RTE's Tracks and Trails.


Washouku Food

Filmed and edited a food tutorial video service in Japan for a week-long production. Prepared scripts, directed actors, and filmed a 3-camera setup solo. 

Traveled to southern Japan and worked alongside the producer for the duration of the production. Translated and localised it later on for a western audience .


Gaming Convergence: After Effects Showcase 

This video is an example produced fully without any source recordings and fully relying on after effects editing for sequences and transitions. 

For a project like this due to its bloat in size, file and scene management was taken in high regard.

Brotein: Mocha Showcase

This video was a project on showing the abilities of a tracking software called Mocha for adobe After Effects in the form of a fake advertisement.

For this project due to covid-19 voicing over the clips had to be added in the form of ADL for higher audio fidelity and quality. 

Video Production
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